I Am Wellness

Zandria Smith "Z" started I Am Wellness Co. LLC with intentions to serve others and to promote holistic wellness. She believes in the importance of each individual being well balanced in the mind, the body, and the soul.

I Am Wellness Co. LLC promotes all around prosperity while serving underinvested communities. 

Our wellness family believes that the earth supplies everything that the body needs in order for it to fully prosper in good health. Natural remedies have been used to heal our ancestors well before scientific medicines came into play. Our ancestors believed in the nutrients that The Most High GOD created Himself, and they lived to see 100 and older during such times. 

This wellness community encourages everyone to research all of the many benefits of the various herbal ingredients packed into each item. We have spent time doing the research, building relationships with suppliers from afar, and doing the work necessary to build an authentic wellness brand for the whole body (family).

I Am Wellness Co. LLC offers wellness CBD massages, foot soaks, Sea Moss facials, along with items for the bodies internal and external wellness.

Oir family has created a space for true empowerment for the young, old, the sick, and the healthy. I Am Wellness Co. LLC believes in the growth of a diverse community comprised of those that desire to learn more about natural medicines grown throughout the earth. 

Welcome to our Wellness family, May you be well and May your family be blessed.

Zandria S. | CEO